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This is HIS Stomping Ground and was established in the dawn of the 21st Century when the world didn’t end with the Y2K computer insanity.

“I decided to retire from being a print media mogul and focus on Friendships and Travel. What better profession than showing my dearest friends all of the places I have traveled!”

At my site you will find information on several tours and travel packages we have put together over the years. You will also find Biographical information and lots of Family Stories. I must admit that as a Dragon, I have always loved telling a good story.



Vacation Reports and Trip Blogs!

Hi Everyone!

I am Nephosaurus and I work for my uncle The Bachosaurus. In this blog I will do my best to document the trips that I take with clients. I hope that my readers will find my posts interesting and helpful.

For more information on the tours we offer, please contact our sales desk.

2017 Boy Scout Museum Photo Essay! 

2016 European Adventure!