Babe Adon-Osaurus: My Bio

Hi everyone, my husband, The Bachosaurus, asked me to write my own biography. He said we needed  new and vibrant content, so I could make it as spicy as I liked. He thought that my perspective would also be interesting. He even told me that I can post some of our deepest and darkest secrets…. Before I do, I have to tell all of you that I am the luckiest Dragon in the world!

Growing up

I had a very happy childhood. We lived on our family ranch. My dad was always working to provide for his family. Mom was all about integrity and manners. “Manners Maketh Us Civilized Dragons!” I can still hear her saying it over and over. Growing up, I spent lots of time  volunteering, I particularly liked working with young hatchlings. My first secret? well… My family back home still calls me Baby, like in that old movie.

In December of the year 2000

I was working in the Bay area near San Francisco when I got a call from an orphanage that I used to volunteer at. They asked me if I remembered Nieceosaurus. She was a very precocious princess who was obsessed with when she would be able to breathe fire. I was very attached to her and admittedly did remember her. It seems she and her brother were adopted and there was “A position open with the family to take care of them.” The recruiter wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I went for an interview.

Thinking back, I should probably thought something was wrong because the interview was at a warehouse in Chinatown. When I got there, they asked me to go sit in a corner waiting area.  On the table was a beautiful Wedding Dress. I picked it up to look at it and suddenly a box closed over me. I was trapped! This interview was evidently to take place in the far off land of Texas. I also found out that the position was for “Replacement Mail-Order-Bride!” I screamed out that I was a free Dragon, and “Nobody Puts Baby into a Box!” but this was to no avail. They further told me that the first prospect was not rejected, but after a month of being rerouted across the country, she was being sent home un-interviewed. I was reminded of how fond I was of Nieceosaurus and her brother. It was not the happiest time of my life, I was crying my eyes out for most of the trip.

When I arrived in Dallas

When my box was opened, I found myself gazing into the saddest, most loving pair of eyes that I had ever seen. I couldn’t help myself, We were staring into each other’s souls for what seems like an eternity. He spoke with a warm, caring voice and asked how my trip was.  I stammered a bit, noting that he was one Hunky Dragon! He told me something that I could not process and kissed my paw. I melted back into his eyes. So sad and lonely.. I could feel our souls intertwining. I had found my place in the universe. I couldn’t think anything other than how much I wanted his arms wrapped around me, holding me in his claws. I could not control myself, all I could do was shiver.

For those of you who scoff at the idea of Love at first sight, I used to be one of you. Fate proved me wrong when she sent the other “Applicant” on a cross-country UPS road trip. The instantaneous feelings that completely took control of me were… well it went something like this: Was he actually proposing to me? Did he say he had never met anyone like me? Oh My goodness WHAT A KISSER! Whoa, hold on, What just happened, and why can’t I picture my life without him in it. His eyes… I can’t stop melting into his gaze. Please lord, never let him let go. Hold me tighter. TIGHTER. Why can’t I help myself…

At some point Nieceosaurus and Nephosaurus ran up to me welcoming me to the family by knocking us apart. When I lost eye contact, I noticed the wonderful house and realized I was home. When he found out that I was not sent willingly, he called the service and let out a tirade on them; but that’s part of his story, not mine. I did insist on keeping  my name after we were married though, a Dragon’s Gotta do what a Dragon’s Gotta do.

The wedding ceremony was small, but very deep and meaningful. We exchanged traditional and personal vows. Dragons do mate for life, so he is all mine now, FOREVER! I truly am the luckiest Dragon that there is. Fate has blessed me with the family I could only have dreamed of in my former life.