Day Two in Reykjavik: Earthquakes, Horses, and Tomatoes

Quaking With Fear!

This was an amazing tour. We started with a longer-than-Ian-Liked Bus ride With a bathroom break at a strip mall with a tourist center. This part was a little lame, but we did go onto the attraction that simulates a “6.2” earthquake. It was actually kind of fun.

Off To The Races!

There wasn’t a lot of time to do much else, so we got back on the bus headed to the Horse Farm. We were treated to a show where they brought out several Icelandic horses and told us the history of the breeds. Did you know that because Iceland has been isolated for so long, the horses there are considered thoroughbreds? Also, once a horse leaves Iceland, it can never come home. They have been Isolated so long that they are afraid of disease. The horses have several “Gates” which they come by naturally. They are also the only breed that can master all of them. The Gates are:  tölt, pace, which walk, trot, canter and gallop. After the show we were privileged to meet the horses and the riders. There were some wonderful stories of competitions, and some stories of sad partings when horses left for a competition.

How Do You Grow a Tomato on a Rock?

After we left the horse stable, we went to their greenhouse. They grow Tomatoes. It may surprise you to know that they generate their own geothermal power from water pumped in from the hot-springs. They use enough power to run a city of 3,000 people to grow their tomatoes. We were treated to some fresh, as in picked that morning, Tomato Soup. This helps to tie up all of what we were learning about the environment in Iceland.

Finding Fault In Iceland…

On the way back to the ship, we stopped for a photo opportunity to see the fault line that is responsible for the earthquakes. We actually took a walk down into the fault!.

Finally, Back at the Ship!

Back to the ship, David had to go to a DVC Meet-and-Greet. The kids hooked up with the Posse, and yes, we played more BINGO! Robin was still not feeling that great, but She and David went to Palo anyway to celebrate their anniversary.  It was a long but really amazing day.

Jaz DanionThe musical entertainment was Jaz Danion. We heard it was a great show, but didn’t go… Robin didn’t feel good and it was a long day.