Farm Visit in Bergen Norway:

Tourists on a Farm:

Our last stop in Norway was in Bergen. We visited the Øvre Eide Farm. After getting off of the bus we walked up to a small paddock where they had some horses. The breeds, Doel and Fjord, were both featured in the movie “Frozen.”  They actually let the Sophia get on a horse and led her around the grassy area. Ian opted out.

We continued up the hill to the barn where there was a pasture with some well trained sheep. They all came running up the hill to greet the children who were holding bread for them.  The barn backed up to the pasture, and inside of it were bunnies in a petting area and some chickens too. Concluding our tour, we went up to a large room full of tables where we were served a selection of regional delicacies and juices from the Hardangerfjord area. This included pastries and a traditional rømmegrøt, which is a porridge made of sour cream. Lastly, before we left, they told us about the clothing that their ancestors wore to work in the fields. It was called a Bunad. The patterns and colors represented your family, and where you were working. Now these outfits are crazy expensive, the equivalent of several thousand US dollars. They are only worn for formal occasions.

Bingo Anyone?

B-11 Dance

When we returned to the ship, Meredith had evidently planned with Ian to play Bingo. This is when we met her Parents for the first time. They live in Singapore, and are originally from London. Meredith attends a boarding school, and there room was very close to ours. Jacqueline also joined our group and we played BINGO. We didn’t win, and for what is cost, the jackpot didn’t cover a family pack of cards.

Skipper Steve: Say Oprah!
Skipper Steve: Say Oprah!

The game was run by Skipper Steve, who is obsessed with Oprah. He was joined by the entertainment staff which included our friend Sarah. They use both cards and preloaded machines that do all of the work for you,

And then the Waves Came:

The ten foot swells started at dinner time. All of us but Robin felt queasy. Ian and David went down to the Medical facility and got some adult and children’s sea-sickness pills.

NurseOsaurus watched the Kids:

The Beatles Cover Band
The Beatles Cover Band That Was On The Magic!

Robin and David headed to the Beatles Music show, and it was rocking! Literally. The sign language interpreters were awesome. They were dancing out the words to the music.

We all felt better the next morning.