Kirkwall Scotland

Photography in Scotland:

This was one of our most fulfilling days on the whole cruise. After breakfast we went on the tour that was “Robin’s Choice!” When we were choosing tours, this day was skipped and Robin picked something she thought would be fun.  We went on the Orkney Isles Nature Photography excursion. It was described as “Follow a pro photographer into some of his favorite locations to shoot dramatic scenery, wildlife and ancient heritage.”

At each stop he gave us tips on how to better use our cameras and showed us some of the techniques he uses to get published. For example, our first stop was at one of their many stone circles. He told us that anyone can take a snapshot of a piece of stone, we should try a different perspective. Get close to the obelisk and taking a picture looking up. It makes for an interesting photo that is more likely to grab the attention of the reader, or more to the point, the editor who we are selling the picture to. As we were leaving, our driver spotted some seals that were posing for us.

The second place of interest we went to was a beach. The lesson for this stop was to focus in on one object and to make it the focal point. This was a beautiful spot near one of the older cities. We worked a little with the Depth of Field camera setting to highlight the main objects I our photos.

Our last stop was a five mile hike up the back of a cliff. We worked on distance shots, but the workshop was on patience with animals and using burst mode. There was a war memorial that we went to see as well.


Another note about the trip, We all wish Linda, our bus driver all of the best. David sat in the front and heard her whole story. This was her last job for the tour bus company before she was moving to a safe-house in London. It seems she was in a very abusive relationship and was running away from a very bad man. He evidently caused her to lose her four children and beat her whenever they were together. Because this was a family trip, I will just finish up with a prayer for her and a hope that the police do prosecute the evil… Sometimes having someone to listen can help your resolve, by the time we left her, she was telling us that God must have sent us to her. We value people and do not have patience for those in life who harm others, or commit domestic violence and frame their paramours.  

Back at the Ship…

We had a Rocking time at the Abba Fab Show.


We all tried to sit together with Ian’s Posse and Families, but the cast had a little problem with us reserving the best two rows of seats. It all worked out and iy was a great show. David even made friends with one of the singers… Oh, I wasn’t supposed to say that.. He was a little embarrassed when she started running her fingers through his hair.

Frozen Party

It was Cold, Ian didn’t go, but it was a great deck party. The best part of the show was watching te Sign Language interpreters “Jamming to the beat” as they were translating. We were all having a great time and even snuck some Hot Cocoa we snuck back to the room. It was quite Yummy!


We all slept well after a very long, and satisfying day.