Last Sea Day!

LASTing Memories…

Meeting the Queen and Princess of Arendelle with Olaf
Meeting the Queen and Princess of Arendelle with Olaf

It was a busy day, we started by visiting Anna, Elsa and Olaf. We went to Animator’s Palette, which had been frozen over so that we could meet these two sisters from a place named Arendelle. They brought a friend named Olaf with them. I thought it was really great that they had horses like we saw in the show in Iceland, but they didn’t bring any on the ship.

Farewell to New Friends:

We spent much the day saying goodbye to our favorite cast members. Giving gifts to cast members is something we like to do. Some of it is encouraged, and some of it… well we don’t talk about. Since we usually do something custom for the Fish Extender gifts, we make extras for the cast members we bond with. Sometimes we get gifts back too. Allison made me a necktie, Clint gave Ian and Sophia a nice gift as well. We were really thankful, and sad to say goodbye. Some, Less personal gifts we give include Phone cards and Girl Scout Cookies… We buy them during Cookie Season and save them. There is something about Girl Scout cookies that everybody loves.   

Other Scheduled Activities…

It wasn’t just a big “Goodbye Cry-Fest,” Robin and David and the Bear Parents went to Palo for Lunch, We played Bingo twice! There were also many Characters out to meet with.

The last show was Disney Dreams.:

Disney DreamsThe farewell show is a wonderful romp through many of the Disney Classics as Anne Marie needs to learn to believe in herself. We always see this show if it is on the cruise, it is one of our favorites.

Till We Meet Again:

Till We Meet AgainOne of our Family Traditions is to get a final Photo of Sophia and Minnie Mouse. On Her first cruise, Minnie was sitting all alone and Sophia walked over to her and had a great (one-Way) conversation. It was a crossing cruise and there weren’t a lot of kids on it.

After the Character Meet, we said more Goodbyes to our friends, Robin went into packing mode and the rest of us went to see the movie that Caroline made with some of the other teens. Zombies, High School and the Disney Magic, It was a wonderful plot. We all stayed up way too late, it was well past midnight when we got to bed, and of course they make you leave at the crack of dawn.