Learning About Nature Akureyri Iceland

After a quick trip to the Spa for David…

I’m not sure what this has to do with planting trees in Iceland, but before heading out on our adventure David took the time to get a Thai Poultice Massage. He said something about freeing radicals and detoxing. I guess it was a good thing, we walked almost ten miles, and he was definitely not used to it.

Off to Hug Some Trees…

At noon we met at Fathoms for our tour to learn about Forestry in Iceland. We went to go and plant a tree. We left the ship and met with 2 forest representatives from Eyjafjörður Forestry Commission in the Kjarnaskógur Forest. They took us  on a nature hike where we were told about the beginnings and current level of stewardship in the Icelandic preserve. They started from when the forestry commission first received land for their nursery. We were actually taken to areas in the preserve where they had tried different types of trees and planting methods. We were shown how with each progressive year the trees were heartier. We left with a satisfied feeling that we helped the environment. We, at least David and Ian, were rewarded with “The Best Coffee that they ever Tasted!” It was probably true for Ian since this was his first taste of it, but David said it was really burnt. Ian actually was drinking coffee for the rest of the trip.

Visiting a Folk Museum:

After we left the nature preserve were taken to the Laufás Folk Museum. Originally a farm in the 1860s, it was converted to a national historic landmark and museum. The fed us hot cocoa and a traditional Icelandic pastry called hjónabandssæla. Interestingly enough, the cake name translates to “Happy Marriage Cake.” The buildings were made from wood, stone and sod. These buildings had Grass Roofs, not Grass Roots. There were antique farm tools around that dated back to when it was being used. Lastly we went to a church that was next to the farmhouse. It was small but beautiful. David and Ian kept taking panoramic pictures. The family likes “Hands On” places like this museum, rather than stare at a picture, you see the way things really were, and can touch the buildings to feel the history.

The trip back to the bus, however, well, Humans! The bus driver was not happy with David and Ian.  They were playing with Panoramic mode and taking pictures of the buildings and the “Scenic sweeping views of the fjord” and were the last ones back on the bus. 


Ice Fire Strings

After Napkin Hat Night, we met up with Greta Salóme
After Napkin Hat Night, we met up with Greta Salóme

Dinner was good but Sophia didn’t want to see the show with Greta Salóme. Robin, David and Ian went and said that it was amazing. She played lots of Disney songs.  She won the Eurovision award two years in a row and loves Disney. (Please note that the above clips were from a previous cruise.)

Back at the room, Sophia was having a sad moment. It seemed that Ian had gone to the Edge with his Posse and she was too young to get in. David took us to Deck 5 to find Allison, who had already ended her shift. We had a chat with Paulina, who introduced Sophia to some new friends. We left her there, and went up to get some Chocolate Ice Cream before heading back to the room. Yes, There is a free Ice Cream Machine on the Disney Cruise Ships!!!!! All was well when the children came back from their nocturnal activities.