Our first day on the Disney Magic:



Welcome Aboard the Magic!
Welcome Aboard the Magic!


As we walked onto the ship, the weight of the world left our shoulders.

David waited in a line to schedule meetings with Princesses, and Robin took the rest of us to change dinner reservations at Palo. Robin was thrown off a little because some of our confirmed appointments had been changed. It seemed that they added another show for Tangled, and Rapunzel needed to be there instead of meeting with us.

Sophia and Allison
Sophia and Allison

Our next stop, as a family was to register Ian and Sophia for the Kid’s Club. We all got to look around, and I met a cute human named Allison that really liked me. Sophia and her took me all over Deck 5, getting pictures everywhere. We had a great time!. I think Ian went around a little with Niecy, but I definitely had a great time!!!!!

My tour of The Lab
My tour of Deck 5, Photos by Sophia and Allison

Our first meal, and we were very hungry, was at Cabana’s. Honestly, that was the restaurant we ate most of our non-scheduled meals at. After Lunch, we had our mandatory Life-Boat drill and we all put out our door decorations. Robin has it down to an art. Actually, David snuck out to go to a DVC meeting. He also signed up to meet with them later that night.

The sail-away party was really fun, it was a little cold out but we warmed up by dancing. Wow, those characters and cruise cast members can really shake their tails! I did notice one thing though, we didn’t actually leave port until halfway through Dinner.

All-Aboard Let The Magic BeginWe all went to see the “Broadway quality Musical Stage Show: All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin.” Robin and David were really impressed with the Sign Language translators and went to talk with them while Ian had to meet Clayton, the  Cruise Director on the ship.

For our evening’s activities, Sophia went back to Deck 5 and Ian checked out the Edge. Robin and David went to the shops to look for special cruise merchandise before it was all gone, and while sizes were still available. When their time slot came up, they went to see the DVC Cast Members  and inquire about more points. *Spoiler alert, we wound up buying more points before the cruise was over!