Our First Sea Day:

We All Felt Better In The Morning: (Except Robin)

We were headed towards Iceland, and the swells were ten feet high… Or at least as we were leaving the waters around Norway. Our server gave us solace that the swells were 32 feet on the trans-oceanic crossing. Our last reported Vomit was at breakfast. Ian had to get one more in. The problem now was that Robin was not feeling well. We sent her down to the Doctor, who didn’t really help her.

Ian went up to the Edge where he found Meredith playing chess with a girl named Lilly. The Posse helped Meredith to victory and they all spent the day together. Lilly was only part of the group this one day. In the middle of the afternoon, we all met up for the afternoon Bingo Game with Skipper Steve. He asked for no more riots in the Walt Disney Theater. It seems that someone shouted Oprah, which was the secret word to get a free card, when Skipper Steve poked his head in. We were there and part of the mob. .

Dinner was good, David embarrassed us by asking the chef why Disney seemed so proud that all of their beef seemed to be Grain Fed. They were actually highlighting the fact on the menu. For those of you who haven’t started analyzing what our livestock eats, Grain is usually genetically modified and loaded with pesticides. At home we go to great length to find pasture raised animals and animal products. The chef informed us that he wasn’t sure why, but a lot of the food is shipped from the United States in containers. He didn’t know an answer when I pressed him about the availability of heathier local foods. (Editor’s note: I am pretty sure he was not supposed to answer our questions because on a later day David asked Clayton about it. Clayton indicated that the chef should not have given us the answer that he did.)


We had a [picture with Rapunzel
Photo Op with Rapunzel
The show was the new show: “Tangled The Musical,”  and we really enjoyed the performance. The theater was packed and the production was excellent. After the show, we went to play “How well do you know your family?” in D-Lounge. Robin and Ian were on the stage again and so was Meredith with her dad. We lost again and Meredith came in Second.