Our stop in Kristiansand Norway

No Mickey Wake-up Call:

Well, it seems that David somehow managed to start us all off on the wrong foot. He knocked the phone off of the hook and Mickey’s wake-up call went to Voicemail. We all had to rush to get up in time for our tour. We did have time to head through Cabana’s for a quick Breakfast.

The Tour:

This tour was David’s pick. He is a Gemologist and really wanted to go to the Setesdalen Mineral Park. We walked about looking at some old and beautiful carved structures. The family activity was carving some soapstone. Sophia Made a Puppy, Ian made a… Something. Robin made a Horse, and David made a turtle with two name tags that I couldn’t read… his handwriting is worse than mine!

After we looked around the park, we went into a mineral museum. There were lot’s  of different kinds of mineral specimens. There were some art pieces too, including some furniture and carved sculptures.

His and Hers Swedish Massage!

Yes, David and Robin indulged in a massage for two. They with upstairs to Deck 9 and came back relaxed.

The Show…

The Juggler...
The Juggler…

Ian and Sophia really wanted to see the juggler but Robin and David didn’t. The kids won and the show was actually pretty cool. The performer holds the world record for juggling axes. He was doing this on a unicycle. It was a really good show.