Report from Copenhagen, Denmark

At the Tivoli Hotel:

We arrived at the luxurious resort and had no problem checking in. We had two connecting rooms and didn’t bother to unpack. We rested some and decided we were hungry. I wanted some local chocolate, but was overruled by Sophia’s stomach. She didn’t really eat anything on the flight, so she was the major decision maker as far as choosing the restaurant.

Our First Night Dinner Adventure:

Robin was feeling cooped up, so she decided we would walk to find a restaurant. We talked to the concierge who gave us directions to the Meatpacking District. It was fairly close, but we had to walk to a bridge and cross over the railroad tracks. The trek was longer than most of us were used to, but we made it.

There were lot’s of interesting restaurants, but Sophia is very focused as far as what she will eat, especially when it is her choice. We looked in place after place, some of which had … I think unique is a good word, unique foods that David and Ian wanted to try. I did not see any Chocolatiers… We finally stopped at a chicken place that had actually already closed its kitchen for the day. The nice lady at the counter spoke good enough English “Follow the road around and go some blocks away, there are the places we go. Your girl will find something she likes there. It  is where we go every day and not so fancy.  Not high prices too.”

Ian ordered a Pasta Dish on our first night in Copenhagen
Ian ordered a Pasta Dish on our first night in Copenhagen

We followed the directions as best we could. We eventually stopped at a place named “Tony’s Pizza” where Sophia felt she could find something to eat. She had Cheese Pizza,

David's Calzone: a little burnt, but very tasty
David’s Calzone: a little burnt, but very tasty

David had a Calzone (it was off the menu and a little burnt…) Robin had a Veggie Pizza and Ian got a pasta dish. The food was good, satisfying, but not authentic local cuisine. Ian bonded with the “Chefs” there. He kept saying Tony’s Pizza Forever! for  the next week.


Our adventure took a twist when we headed back to our hotel. We forgot to leave a tip and Robin went to take it to Ian’s new BFFs. Somehow she passed us by and we became separated. We were cold and wanted to stop waiting. Finally David called her cell phone and found out she was all the way back to the bridge. We rushed to catch up to her and all was well. Isn’t Technology Wonderful.

Breakfast in the Morning:

When we booked all of the rooms, we included breakfast. The breakfast at the Tivoli was set up in a big conference room. There was the usual hotel fare, but there were a couple of items that I need to note. The Danes are proud of their Danishes. They are a local delicassy and we made a point of tasting them. There was also this really cool cheese slicer. it was a blade on a really long screw contraption. You pulled the blade through the cheese and when it came back around the blade was lowered by the perfect amount for the next cheese slice. The food was also mostly local and very tasty, I had the Chocolate cereal.

What To Do in Copenhagen:

After Breakfast we headed for the Disney Cruise Desk to arrange our transportation to the ship. They weren’t there, and we were told that they wouldn’t be there until noon. David was not happy, we had been told differently when we checked in. He wanted to make sure we got to the cruise ship early enough to finish making reservations. David was unusually cranky, I knew why but I don’t think anyone else did. It was the sixth anniversary of when he lost his dad. He was really sad and not his usual self. I almost said something to Robin when she kept going off at him when he didn’t have his usual patience in dealing with people. I will say that it made for some good drama, but I was really sad for David. He was having a really rough day..

If we wanted to see the city, waiting wasn’t an option so we pressed on to the concierge desk . Finding a tour was our next agenda item and the hotel had a special tour desk open for the “Hop-On-Hop-Off” bus tour. We decided to try the tour with the boat option.

Our Tour of Copenhagen:

Hop'N Off Buss
Hop’Noff Bus

The “Hop’Noff” bus, as Ian renamed it, was supposed to pick up every fifteen minutes from in front of the hotel. We went out front and we waited… And We Waited… AND WE WAITED… for almost Forty-Five Minutes. The bus that showed up was full.  Sophia made it on with the handful of others that did, but she had to get off because there was no room for the rest of us. Twenty Minutes Later there was another bus. We got on, the driver made an announcement that we couldn’t understand. We stayed on for two stops and then got off of the bus to get on the boat part of the tour. We overheard a man who wanted a refund yelling at the driver. We found out that the tour-guide audio system was broken. We were also supposed to grab a set of headphones to plug in when we got on the bus. Oh, we also would have needed a seat, and the bus was standing room only.

We followed the crowd to the boat dock, but it was full and we decided to wait for the next one.  David really didn’t want to be on the same boat as that angry man either.  Oh, after the first boat left, we figured out that it was the wrong boat. It did the full circuit and wasn’t a Hop’Noff boat. I felt sad for that angry man, but then again we look for humor where we can find it. The boat portion of the tour was a lot better than the bus trip. there was open air, more space, and there were some really pretty sights.

We got off the boat at the Famous Little Mermaid statue.

Ian & Sophia with the Little Mermaid Statue
Ian & Sophia with the Little Mermaid Statue

It has been there since 1909, well before Disney made the recent movie. We took a few selfies and tried to keep Ian and Sophia from climbing out too far on the rocks. It was cold and drizzly so David wanted a hot coffee. It wasn’t very hot, but the kids had hot chocolate that was pretty warm.  Sophia wanted a mermaid, but we saw a bus loading and, because of our earlier experience, ran to catch it. There was room on this bus and we found out that the reason there was an issue in the morning was because a driver didn’t show up and one of the other busses had some mechanical difficulties.

We stayed on the top of the bus and listened to the tour guide point out some of the local sights. We got off of the bus at City Hall Square in search of Lunch and a little bit of shopping. I think that the street we found ourselves on was Frederiksberggade, or at least that was the street name that some of the shop addresses used.

Sophia with FRIENDS
Sophia with FRIENDS

After some shop-gazing, we found a restaurant just as a rain shower was starting. We went upstairs and David was able to try a local delicacy. He had a veal dish and Ian had a steak dish. Just to be difficult, David ordered some Nachos. Being from Texas, he is interesting on what people consider as “Good Tex-Mex.” I have to say that Cool Ranch Doritos were an interesting substitute for Corn Chips.

Store display in Copenhagen
Store display in Copenhagen

Shopping Item of Note Number One: There was a shop with some male mannequins in underwear. They were older and not pretty people. Literally, almost everyone who passed by took a picture of the display.



Shopping Item of Note Number Two: we forgot pillows for Ian and Sophia, and Sophia saw an Emoji Pillow she “Had to Have!” It was “Cool Guy Poop” as she called it, Mommy called it “Chocolate Frosting…” I wasn’t about to taste it. The store was having a 70% off sale, and they had this absolutely gorgeous Leather Jacket… David Spotted it and after a little coercion Sophia to tried it on.She wouldn’t take it off. It is a very cosmopolitan look for her.

Sophia in her new jacket with Flat Juliette on the Hop'Noff Bus headed back to the Tivoli
Sophia in her new jacket with Flat Juliette on the Hop’Noff Bus headed back to the Tivoli

We left the Jacket shop and had some overpriced FroYo. It was OK, but when we looked at our watches we noticed that it was late and we needed to catch the bus before they stopped running. We also had Dinner plans with our Friends Bob, Mary, Ashton and Jaqueline. We walked briskly back to the bus stop and Hopped back on the bus to finish our tour.

When we arrived back at the hotel we went by the Cruise-line Desk and they informed us that we were told wrong by the person who told us that they would be there early. David was rather upset about being scheduled on the last bus to the port. Robin kept telling him not to take it out on them, David thought she was being oversensitive, but he let it go. He was in a really grumpy mood.

Dinner With our Friends:

When we got back to our rooms, we dropped off our bags and texted Bob. They wanted us to meet them for Mary’s Belated Birthday at an Italian restaurant named Fiat.

Waiting at the bar
Waiting at the bar

We got into a cab and met them at the place. We had some wonderful conversation, a little bit of showing off of phone apps, and Sophia bonded with Jaqueline on the fact that neither liked the Cheese Pizza. Ian’s comment, when asked about the food: “Meh! Can we go back to Tony’s?” The conversation ran late into the evening and we cabbed it back to the hotel for an anxiously excited anticipatory night’s sleep.

Getting to the Magic:

The morning of July 13th was a beautiful morning, another wonderful breakfast and lots of cheese for Sophia from the fun Cheese Slicer. We were on the last bus to the cruise ship, and the morning just seemed to drag on. I will say that David DID NOT get a free massage when we got to the port. Being Platinum, we skipped the long line and went to a shorter one. The ship was already boarding by the time we got there, and David was trying not to be upset. One last thing, for some reason they needed to hold onto our passports. We expected this because Robin read about it from the Cruise Trip board. Disney had never done this to us before on any of our cruises, it must have had something to do with Europe, England or Brexit.