The Trip to Copenhagen…

Pre-Flight Jitters at DFW:

Checking In:

The trip started when we arrived at the airport. We were expecting an uneventful flight. Robin and David were both overtired and cranky because they hadn’t gotten any sleep. After checking in, using the Priority Line in the Terminal D ticket counter, all seemed normal and calm… but then again we hadn’t gotten through security yet.

In the Security Line:

Remember those special bags for the new medication David had? well it all started when he asked to have it hand checked. It failed the chemical test. The best way to explain what came next is to quote Ian, “Dad, we’re on VACATION, it isn’t a Pat-Down, it’s a FREE MASSGAGE!” and I will add to that that it was a very thorough one too.

To The DFW British Airways Lounge:

They had lots of cookies, sandwiches and snacks, but the only chocolate was the chips in the cookies. I was very disappointed. Robin tried to take a nap, but they wouldn’t let her sleep. They were nice about it, but the reason that they gave us was sort of odd; because they served alcohol in the club. We left with plenty of time to get on the plane and to our seats.

Flight #1: BA#192- DFW-LHR:

Ian sitting with Nieceosaurs and sharing his tunes. Ian sitting with Nieceosaurs and sharing his tunes.

On the plane, we ran into some friends, I never much understood these human relations, but it seems like they used to be related to us but aren’t any more. I was sitting with Sophia, and he was winning at the video games that were in the seat. The girls slept for most of the flight, and David couldn’t sleep. He kept getting up to take walks. I couldn’t really see where he went. He did watch a movie about a Dead Pool, there was a lot of violence but not a lot of swimming. What bits I saw gave me nightmares when I did nap.

I was given some comic relief on this flight when the new belt that David bought before the trip broke. I’m not sure why, but it appeared to be defective. It happened on one of his many  “Walkies,”  and whenever he would get up, his pants started falling down. It was very funny to me, but not him.  One time, when he was in the bathroom trying to pull his pants back up, he accidentally pressed the call button and couldn’t figure out how to turn it off…. As I just wrote, it was just a hilariously funny set of circumstances.

The Layover at Heathrow:


When we arrived in London, we had to pass back through security. A pattern of events started to become clear…  David got another Free Massage in security. He said it wasn’t as good as the one in Dallas, but the officers did insist that they were not the TSA  and had different rules. David also had to pull out his laptop and iPad even though he had a special bag for them. Oddly enough, they didn’t make him pull off his belt… Oh wait, it as broken and he wasn’t wearing it! He did ask the agent where he could find a new one though, David is a plus sized person.

The Quest for a new belt for “Daddy!”

The officer gave us a bad lead. We kept asking around and at one point, wound up at the store directly behind him; we tried not to look at him. We searched Ladies Boutiques, Man’s Clothing stores and lot’s of places. Finally we found ourselves at a place called Harrods. Harrods, it seems is a huge London department store that is well known for selling everything and anything. They sent us to the Mont Blanc store, which was really run by them. I do get confused by some of these shops in shops being run by other shops. The sales associate named Andrew found David a belt, and so my source of comedic relief ended. Robin did find this whole deal a little bit ironic because David used to be the Mont Blanc buyer for the place he works at. She said something about never being able to live it down…

The Heathrow BA Lounge:

I have to start this section by saying that we were flying Business Class. David insisted on a little nicer seats. At Heathrow, there is a first class club and a business class club. They are together, but separate. There was no issue in that zoo with us napping, even though they did serve alcohol. Our flight was delayed and the information boards were of no help. Robin and Ian kept using the free WiFi to get more current information. I write this because as soon as we figured out that our flight was boarding, there was still no information on the status boards. No one called us, but we got up anyway. As we were passing the reception area we noticed that the boards had just updated. David asked in passing, if we had enough time. The agent said that there was plenty of time, but nonetheless we rushed to the gate.

Guess what, they were closing the flight as we walked up to the gate. We were the last ones to get onto the shuttle to the aircraft, there was no JetWay. We almost didn’t make it.

Flight #2: BA#816- LHR-CPH:

This was a smaller plane than our first flight and it was a much older plane too.

Sophia and Flat Juliette headed to Copenhagen Sophia and Flat Juliette headed to Copenhagen

The flight wasn’t too bad, but it was a little bumpy.  As far as the business class lunch goes, all they had left was Cod-Fish. We wouldn’t eat it, Sophia just glared at the flight attendant when it was offered to her. David tried it, but It wasn’t very good. Actually, since we were the last ones fed, we didn’t have time to eat; the plane started it’s final descent almost a soon as we were served our food.

Headed To the Tivoli Hotel:

We had actually gone through Customs at Heathrow, so leaving the airport was uneventful. We basically got our luggage and headed to find a cab. I was very impressed with the Taxi Service at the Airport. We went to the Taxi stop and they found us a van that would accommodate all of us with the luggage. The driver was quite pleasant and we all enjoyed the ride.