Let’s Start at the very Beginning…

The Pre-trip drama was quite intense. There were so very many pieces moving and colliding. This Drama included the usual office cleaning and packing stress and moved to tears with a broken… Well, you will have to read on for those details. The rest of this post is background information that will help you understand some of the drama in the subsequent posts.

The Players:Neph

Nephosaurus: A.K.A. Me. I am the owner of Nephosaurus.com, which is an internet web hosting company. My full biography is on this site, and I am on this trip because I live with the family and have been chronicling their vacations since we came to live with them. Lately my uncle, The Bachosaurus, has asked me to post our adventures because somebody told him he needed more new content.

Robin, David, Sophia and Ian
Robin, David, Sophia and Ian

David: He is the “Dad” of my host family. He is also our webmaster and pretty good at transcribing my notes. He has a real job where he works with Diamonds, Rings, Trinkets and Things. My Sister, Nieceosaurus loves the Sparkly things, personally I have always hoarded Chocolate over Gemstone!

Robin: She is the “Mom.” She is organized, loving, and an amazing person. She does most of the packing and keeping everyone in line. Their whole family depends on her ability to keep things on track. She planned all of the excursions as well as taking many of the pictures that appear in my blog.

Ian: He is an 11 year old man who has a plan to become President of the United States. Being a Dragon, I do not understand human politics, but everyone seems to think he will do a great job!

Sophia: She is an opinionated princess that has a love for the world and a dislike for practicing her piano. One story that is pertinent, she took her first steps on the Disney Magic. This is the cruise ship that much of this voyage takes place on.

The Anniversary Gift:

Robin Wearing her Necklace
Robin Wearing her Necklace

Part of this vacation was a celebration of David and Robin having been married for 15 years. If you saw my previous blogs, I was there when he proposed to her. For their anniversary, David gave Robin a beautiful necklace on their actual anniversary. This was a few days before we left the country.

Upgraded Internet and Cloud Migration:

Three weeks before we left, there was an odd communication from our friends at AT&T. When David called them back, we wound up upgrading our internet service. The technician came to the house two weeks before we left town. It took over 24 hours on the phone to get everything back up, and they wound up migrating us to Fiber. Since there were so many issues with this upgrade, David decided to migrate our email server to the cloud. He is a part time consultant and a Microsoft Partner, so if you need more information about this, please contact our sales team.

This took process meant that my uncle’s website would be down until he has time to rebuild it. I made him promise to make this blog a priority.  My uncle tried for a similar commitment, but I got the highest priorit. He was NOT a happy Dragon.

*Editor’s Note: David was right because the fiber line was down when we arrived home from our trip and it took several days to have our service restored..

The Rain Came Down Through the Roof:

On the Sunday before we left, there was a rainstorm. We had several leaks in our roof. It had never leaked before. The inspector came out on Monday, and we tried to schedule the repairs as early as possible.

David’s Meds:

Well, Doctors and Engineers like to change things. David’s Doctor gave him a new medication that required some special handling on the trip. He bought a special carrier that was listed as “TSA Friendly.” He kept muttering some quote about the best laid plans of Mice and Men under his breath.

The “Daddy’s New Clothes:”

David works at a very conservative company where he doesn’t really have a lot of casual clothes. Robin insisted that he get his clothes together without any guidance from her, so he asked my sister what to do. She told him to go shopping. He bought everything he would need from a special shirt to wear on the airplane to a new belt; his old belt was splitting and he wanted a stitched belt not a glued one.