Working with Lava in Reykjavik

Waking up and getting Poked!

This was a cruise for trying new things. When David got his Thai Massage, she talked him into trying Acupuncture. I think David was OK with it, he sent Robin to help her get rid of the pain she was having. I think it worked.

Meeting a true Artist and Believer:

This Lava Workshop was really interesting, We met with the artist who lived on a preserve where he grew the seedlings that we planted the day before. He is an amazing person, and a true tree hugger. David had a long conversation with him and felt like he had a new understanding of what Global Warming really is. We started by touring his garden and learning about the environment in Iceland and why his efforts are so important.

The conversation transitioned to how Iceland was formed. It is truly a land of ice and fire, glaciers and volcanos, icicles and lava! Lava is everywhere in Iceland. In fact, the whole country is made up of lava fields—dried, ancient and recent.

We returned to the workshop where he showed us how he started to make Lava Art, which he sells to convention-goers and from his little shop. He does not export to the US. We each created “A Framed Mosaic,” to take home as a souvenir. He also donated a tree to be planted in each of our names to the forestation project.

Back on the ship:

David was introduced to Meredith’s parents. They were very nice and really thought well of Ian. They said he was “a well mannered boy.” The are originally from England but live now in Singapore. Meredith lives in a boarding school, like Harry Potter. Did I mention that they are huge Harry Potter fans? Yes, and Ian, being an American Conservative was immediately “Sorted” into Slytherin. They have a different view of our current Election Dilemma, but were interested in our views.

BFG Poster

The show that night was BFG, which was just release. As Sophia put it, “It Did Not Pass The Daddy Test.” Translated, this means that the movie was kind of boring and David slept through most of it.