Boy Scout Campout 2/18/2017

Troop 734 had a Campout to Waco, Texas on 2/18/2017

We visited a couple of museums and I decided to make a photo essay to document the trip.

Mammoth National Monument:

This National Monument is for the Columbian Mammoths that travelled down into Texas, but you would be surprised at how many people think that this is for the Wooley Mammoths. The Columbian Mammoths. One interesting fact is that was found at this site was a male Mammoth holding a child in it’s tusks. 

Dr. Pepper Museum:

At the Dr. Pepper Museum we (literally) walked through the history of Dr. Pepper. We went from the beginning when it was first created in a pharmacy, to 80’s/90’s ads, to what it is today. Finally at the end we got a free drink.